Types of Fire Alarm Systems in Dallas, Fort Worth

Fire is one of the most serious advantages that all homeowners and businesses must contend with. In the unfortunate event of a fire, you risk losing the majority, if not all, of your belongings. A lack of safety precautions can lead to material and financial losses, as well as death. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home or office, do not diminish the importance of a proper fire protection system.

If you need a security or life safety fire alarm system, Ranger American Home Security can help you out with a fire alarm system replacement system for those who live in DallasFort Worth, ArlingtonPlano, Avalon, and other cities throughout our service area in DFW. Whenever you need to install a fire alarm system, give us a call at 469-382-5254.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

  • Conventional Fire Alarms: A traditional fire alarm system is meant to provide early notice for small businesses. They are considered a low-cost alternative for enterprises where knowing the specific location of a fire is not a requirement. Instead, these alarms will sound across a facility, indicating possible hazards but without pinpointing their position.
  • Addressable Fire Alarms: If you need a fire alarm system that allows you to pinpoint the specific position of the incident, an addressable fire alarm is a way to go. These devices, known as an "intelligent system," feature both automatic and manual alarm choices, as well as the ability to monitor all of the alarms in your building.
  • Hybrid Fire Alarms: A hybrid first alarm system, on the other hand, may provide the best value because it combines the features of both addressable and traditional fire alarm systems.
Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm System Services Provided by Ranger American

As soon as your system is turned on, our experts will notify you and the local fire department. We can help limit the damage that a fire causes to your property by informing authorities as soon as possible. We also look at auto-dialers and backup security communications to ensure that in the case of an emergency, a secure connection with our monitoring center is maintained through our different types of alarm systems.

Fire Alarm System Services Provided

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Conventional Fire Alarms

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