Medical Pendants in Dallas-Fort Worth

Medical pendants are an absolute life-saver when it comes to seeking out medical help during critical times. A specialized alert system is worn by the patient or anyone who may require immediate medical help at any given moment. The medical pendant sends alerts to a caregiver with the press of a button. Some pendants also come with fall detection that may come in super handy for patients that need it.

There are a large number of medical alert systems to choose from, and the experts at Ranger American Home Security can help you find and install the right medical alert systems to fit your needs and your budget in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our products are patented by industry leaders like Guardian, Ring, Qolsys, and

Types of Medical Alert Systems We Offer

  • Fall Detection System: Fall detection is an add-on feature to either a mobile medical alert system or a home-based system. It is typically a part of a pendant worn around the neck and uses sensors to limit false alerts.
  • Monitored Senior Medical Alert Systems: Monitored medical alert systems connect users with a 24/7 monitoring center when they push the alert button.
  • Non-Monitored Alert Systems: These senior alert systems work in the same way as monitored alert systems. Instead of an alert being sent to a monitoring center, the system calls a designated person (relative, neighbor, or 911).
  • Mobile Alert System: The mobile alert system offers peace of mind about the person who will be using it. These alerts do not require a base station and can be used anywhere cell service is available.
Types of Medical Alert Systems by Ranger American Home Security

Prioritize Wellness & Be Ready for Emergencies

A wearable device that fits on your wrist or neck, may save you from a lot of trouble. Ranger American Home Security’s medical pendants offer long-lasting service that can go up to days. It holds the capability to alert family members, neighbors, or emergency centers near you. Additionally, the alert button and the whole device are waterproof, so you don’t have to take them off during showers or out in the rain. Designated users can be set, who will receive the alerts instantly as something unusual occurs. With a medical pendant near you, help can never be too far.

Medical Pendants by Ranger American DFW

Secure Your Senior’s Wellbeing with Specialized Medical Pendants

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