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Ultimate Interactive Security

Be Safe, Secure and Smart

Actually see the kids come home from school
Review security video clips
Turn on lights before entering your house
See which doors are locked
Interactively lock / unlock doors
Notification that your medicine cabinet is open
Know when your garage door is left open
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Essential Interactive Security

Be Safe and Secure

Connect with your mobile device
Access your security system from anywhere
Interactive arming/disarming functions
Know when the kids are home from school
Identify which doors are opened / closed
Be aware who armed / disarmed your system
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Traditional Home Security

Be Safe

System control using keypads/keyfobs
24/7 monitoring and protection
Save money on homeowner's insurance
Medical, police, fire "panic" buttons
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Get a free analysis of your old Ranger American home security system today. Activate, upgrade, enhance and monitor your old Ranger American home security system.  Ranger Technology Solutions’ personnel have installed, serviced and upgraded over 200,000 Ranger American home security systems throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth area in the past 30 years.  Turn to experience to get the latest technology. Ranger Technology Solutions has put together the easiest, most cost effective program to upgrade your old Ranger American home security system; protecting your family, home and most treasured possessions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Access and control your home while you are around the house, around the block or around the world.

What would happen if your home caught fire today? When would the fire department be dispatched? What about tomorrow? The fact is that there will be over 40,000 home fires this year in the United States with over 3,000 fire-related fatalities. Protect your largest investment, your family and pets from accidental fire when you’re home and away. Monitored smoke communicators with automatic self test provide you the peace of mind knowing your loved ones and possessions are safe while you are away. Be sure to contact your homeowners’ insurance provider to find out about additional discounts available by having a monitored fire system installed.

An interactive security system certainly monitors and provides alarm protection for burglars, fire, smoke or medical emergencies.  You also have instant access to your home 24/7 from anywhere, anytime using your laptop, smart phone, IPad or PC.  And by adding contacts to certain sensitive areas of your home (such as medicine cabinets, liquor cabinets and gun racks) you will know immediately if these areas are opened.  By adding cameras, you will see who comes through the front door.  With an interactive security system, you will know who unlocked the door, who armed the system and when your children come home.  With an interactive home monitoring system with automation, you’ll never have walk into a dark home again.  You’ll never again wonder if the front door was locked.  Simply use your smart phone to turn on the lights or lock the door yourself.

Choose Ranger Technology Solutions to evaluate and upgrade your old Ranger American home security system to today’s smart solution.
Upgrade your old Ranger American Alarm SystemPeace of mind with an Upgraded Ranger American Security SystemSafe, sound, secure and Smart upgrade to your old Ranger American Security Alarm System

* Offer valid with minimum 36 month monitoring agreement