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The Ranger ultimate interactive home security system provides you the power to turn your lights on or off, lock or unlock your doors and use a video doorbell to answer your door. There is no need to anxiously stay near a phone waiting for your children to call. You see your children walk through the front door. You get email or text alerts when a sensitive area (medicine cabinet, liquor cabinet, master bedroom, gun cabinet) is opened. You know which doors are locked. You get an alert if your garage door has been left open. You are reminded to arm your system. All this is done using your laptop, IPad or a smartphone. There is no worrying about cutting your home phone line. There is no landline or home phone required. With our smoke communicators, you are monitored for smoke detection whether your system is armed or not. You get 24/7 monitoring protection from intrusions, fire, and medical emergencies. You have the comforting feeling knowing your home, family and possessions are safe and secure whether you are around the block or around the world.

Website: https://rangertechnologysolutions.com/

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