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The lights, locks, doors, thermostats, appliances, and cameras i.e. the Z-wave devices installed at your residence- you can control and monitor all these from one single source with the facilities of interactive home security, be you at home or away. Adding a Z-wave interface module in the smart home security system will allow you to manage a wide range of automation devices via the Virtual Keypad on the cell phone or the Virtual Keypad Browser on any other smart device having access to the internet.

Devices for an Interactive Home Security System

Ranger American Home Security understands the value of trust & reliability, and therefore, we are connected with only the most trusted security service providers. After all, it’s not words or empty promises that make a user trust such technology with the security of their property. Practical evidence i.e. trust put in by other users makes a solid decision-making game-changer for someone who is thinking of availing our services. Our devices are patented by industry leaders who have built a reputation for themselves with decades of operation.

Devices for an Interactive Home Security System

Facilities of Interactive Home Security’s Virtual Keypad

  • Arm/Disarm the system and check system status
  • Receive push notifications and view the history of alarm events, arming/disarming, and troubles
  • False-alarm reduction, prompting users with “Is This A False Alarm?” when they receive an alarm alert, allowing them immediately to confirm or cancel the alarm
  • View live video and still images from up to six cameras
  • Control all Z-wave devices, including thermostats, lights, locks, appliances, garage doors, and more
  • Create a closed group that control multiple Z-Wave devices with a single tap
  • Create actions, allowing you to associate members of the closed group to activate specific events
  • Take a picture of a room or area and add hotspots to control pictured devices
  • Mobile device acts as a point of reference for geo-fencing functions
  • Add, delete, edit system users and user profiles
Facilities of Interactive Home Security’s Virtual Keypad

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Whether you need to secure your property or improve your lifestyle with doorbell cameras, smart lights & locks, CCTV cameras, medical alerts, interactive security systems, and other smart security devices, the company to contact is Ranger American Home Security.

For more than four decades, we have set the industry standard for the best security-related products and services in Dallas-Fort Worth. All of these products and services are designed to keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure on a 24/7/365 basis. Contact us today or call us at 469-382-5254 in Arlinton, Irving, Garland, Lewisville, Carrolton, and other places within our Dallas-Fort Worth, TX service area.

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